Summer 2013

RADkidsART: Summer 2013

Accordian Books, Wire Sculpture, Continuous Contour Drawings, Treasure Map Scavenger Hunt, String Drawing, Nautical Flag Messages, Bag Tags, Postcards, Paper Boat, Seaside Drawings.

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Spring 2013

RADkidsART: Spring 2013

Art & Activity Book! Movable Mandalas, felt containers, power bands, drawing activities, board game, finger print drawings, games and puzzles, finger puppets, lettering design, museum drawings

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FUNkidsART 2013 Calendar

FUNkidsART: FUNkidsART 2013 Calendar

JANUARY: Quilled Snowflake FEBRUARY: Heart Cards MARCH: Recycled Robots APRIL: Torn Paper Collage MAY: Costume Drawings JUNE: Paper Cut-Outs JULY: Totem Poles AUGUST: T-Shirt Stencils SEPTEMBER: Paper Mosaic OCTOBER: Jack O'Lanterns NOVEMBER: Nature FAces DECEMBER: Snowman Sculpture

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Winter 2012

FUNkidsART: Winter 2012

Art Studio Tips, Paper Pine Trees, Snowman Sculpture, Gesture Drawing, Quilled Snowflakes, Tape Painting, Heart Cards, Snow Globes, Winter Dioramas, Puzzles

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Autumn 2012

FUNkidsART: Autumn 2012

Studio Storage tips (bonus!), Story Flags, Foam Mobiles, Jack O'Lantern Drawings, Nature Faces, Candy Wrapper Design, Cardboard Masks, Metal Engraving, Cereal Box Collage, Puzzles

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FUNkidsART Summer 2012

FUNkidsART: FUNkidsART Summer 2012

Mini-Art Kit, Paper-Cut Banners, Shell Wind Chime, Hatching Drawing, Set Design, Clothing Paintings, Play Space Design Models, Recycled Robots, Paper Cut-Outs, Puzzles

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FUNkidsART Spring 2012

FUNkidsART: FUNkidsART Spring 2012

Travel Sketchbook (bonus) · Sponge Prints · Foam Critter Clips · Monogram Drawing · T-Shirt Stencil Prints · Paper Mosaic · Totem Poles · Torn Paper Flowers· Painted Collage · Puzzles

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FUNkidsART 2012 Calendar

FUNkidsART: FUNkidsART 2012 Calendar

13 Month Calendar featuring projects from FUNkidsART magazine. Make a snowflake wreath, glue felt finger puppets, construct paper pet sculptures, collage a scene using magazines, cut shadow puppets ... and more!

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Winter 2011

FUNkidsART: Winter 2011

• Make a Door Hanger • Make a Paper Snowflake • Draw with Thread • MAke Collagraph Prints • Create a Carnival Mask • Construct a Paper Robot • Make a Chinese Lantern • Decorate with Wreaths

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Autumn 2011

FUNkidsART: Autumn 2011

• Make Shadow Puppets and a Glass and Wire Luminaria • Draw Gourds • Create Colorful Pattern Portraits • Make a Paper Spider Sculpture • Add a bag tag to your Backpack • Mold a Clay and Paper Bowl • Construct a 3-D Paper Mask

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Summer 2011

FUNkidsART: Summer 2011

• Make felt finger puppets • Collage a sand castle • Draw oil pastel landscapes • Design your own Mexican bingo game • Paint a two-sided tropical seascape • Paint animals with watercolors • Print copies of your very own zine • Construct a cardboard puppet theater

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Spring 2011

FUNkidsART: Spring 2011

• Fold Paper Containers for Materials • Create Foam Refrigerator Magnets • Draw a Doodle in Multi-Colors• Construct Recycled Insect Sculptures• Make your own Hand-Carved Stamps• Construct a Paper Mache Box• Tear Paper into a Collage• Bend and Fold Paper Pet Sculpture

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FUNkidsART 2011 Calendar

FUNkidsART: FUNkidsART 2011 Calendar

13 Month 2011 Calendar featuring projects from FUNkidsART magazine! · 3-D Snowflakes · Pop-Up Card · Wooden Figures · 3-D Paper Flowers · Sticker Collage · Felt Tote · Duct Tape Kite · Mail Art · Recycled Sketch Book · Lift-The-Flap House · Leaf Printing · Clay Gingerbread House Bonus: · Metal Snow...

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Winter 2010

FUNkidsART: Winter 2010

Awesome New Projects for Kids of All Ages! • Create a Metal Ornament • Make a Winter Wonderland Pop-Up • Construct a 3-D Paper Snowflake • Draw Your Shoes with an Ink Pen • Collage a Black & White Portrait • Design a Dragon Hat • Sculpt a Clay Gingerbread House

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Autumn 2010

FUNkidsART: Autumn 2010

• Make Art Cards to Trade and Collect, • Weave Paper Placemats, • Draw Sunflowers with an Ink Pen, • Construct a Paper Jack-In-The-Box, • Collage a Lift-The-Flap House, • Print Leaves on Paper, • Build a Paper Room Model, • Create a Toy Theater to Play at Home

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Summer 2010

FUNkidsART: Summer 2010

Make a Duct Tape Kite, Build a Wooden Figurine, Create a Sticker Collage, Make Art to Send in the Mail, Sew a Tote to take to the Beach, Discover how to use Oil Pastels, Create a Board Game of an Imaginary Land & more!

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Spring 2010

FUNkidsART: Spring 2010

FIRST ISSUE! • Make recycled books • Transform paper into 3-D flowers • Stitch mini stuffed animals • Create collages in two different ways • Learn to draw black & white doodles ... & more!

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Parent's Blog 'A Child Grows in Brooklyn' Reviews FUNkidsART Spring 2010!

There are plenty of days that I wish I had an art project I could do with the kids- and a guiding hand to take me through it. Well, I have found help. RADkidsART is the brain child of Rick Anthony Diaz, who has been a teaching artist in New York City since 1995. Rick has summer art classes, puts on art parties and does museum tours for kids. If you can’t make one of his classes or summer camps, Rick has put all his knowledge into a new magazine called “FUNkidsART” ...


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- Rick

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